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THE BALANCED BODY is the official newsletter of the PA Chapter of the AMTA. It is published four times per year – electronically.

One copy of the newsletter is prepared in advance for the Annual Membership Meeting . The information for this issue must be submitted in February and the newsletter is printed in March. It is distributed to all PA chapter members. Anyone who would like to have a paper copy mailed to them must contact Kim Santos.

The electronic/email newsletter is prepared for March, June and September , and January issues. The information is collected two months before the issue month (i.e., for July, the information must be submitted by the end of May). The Balanced Body contains current information about state-chapter meetings, local-unit meetings and national, state and unit happenings.

In the newsletter, chapter-sponsored educations are listed, as well as described. A registration form is also included. We also like to highlight what our members around the state are up to in the world of massage therapy, and encourage submissions of articles and photos by our members. You may find articles on different modalities of massage, self-care tips for the therapist or business advice to help your practice grow. Any tidbits of information that we come across that could be of interest are included.

We encourage all our members to participate in creating our newsletter. It is for you and about you.

Those wishing to advertise in The Balanced Body will find our rates very reasonable with just the right price for you. The Balanced Body , just like our own bodies, is fluid, evolving to meet our ever-changing needs. We welcome you to be part of this process.

WE NEED YOUR PHOTOS! If you have any photos of AMTA members at the conference, or doing events we would love to spotlight them. Please send photo and descriptions as soon as possible for feature in the next newsletter.


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